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Authentic Indian cuisine using fresh local ingredients

Our main objectives have always been our commitment in cooking with fresh ingredients and the respect of the authentic recipes. In summer time, we grow all the spices and vegetables in our own organic garden, at home, to then serve it to you. We offer fresh meats, low in fat, and we also have the most varied vegetarian menu in the region.

Welcome to the official website of Restaurant Shalimar. Thank you for your visit and for trusting us since we opened, in 1991. You will be able to find here our main menu and also the take-out menu. On wednesday and thursday nights, we offer several "tables d'hôtes" and a great variety of "à la carte" dishes. From friday to sunday nights, we offer a delicious all-you-can-eat buffet, rich in flavours and colors, that will make you change your perception of a buffet with its freshness and unique taste. Come and discover the most varied cooking on saturday night for the Gourmet Buffet. We are open for lunch on thursday and friday, also offering a buffet.

Special occasions for April

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Septembre est une belle occasion de venir profiter pour quelques semaines encore de notre terrasse toute en fleurs.
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